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Best Kindergartens in Ulsoor Bangalore
Kindergartens in Ulsoor Bangalore
Best Kindergartens in Ulsoor

Best Kindergartens in Ulsoor Bangalore

Kinder Castle is one of the Best Kindergartens in Ulsoor Bangalore. Kinder Castle is a kindergarten for children to provide the learning environment which every child enjoys and requires for the multidimensional development i.e. physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. We provide necessary experiences that promote overall development of a child through adequate rooms to play in, materials for creative work, and companionship with children of the same age group.

Kinder Castle inculcates good reading and grasping habits in children. We help children to develop good habits while eating, sleeping, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in children. We also help to groom children to become confident and self dependent individual. Enter the wonder kids of kindergarten to illuminate the corridors of school where our teachers escort them to the colorful, musical and playful world of kindergarten.

Kinder Castle has excellent facilities which include well lit, ventilated and spacious room and a play area with many toys for children to play and break the classroom routine. We entertain cultural programs and extracurricular activities like dance, music and others. We maintain a variety of toys and tools to keep every child happy and to help keep their energy level up. We have Slides, See-Saw and other Outdoor games help them breathe in fresh air while at play. The school has splash pool, Hygienic nap-time facilities, Child-safe and clean toilets and well researched, scientific.

At Kinder Castle, we teach children to write, recite and recognize alphabets and numbers. We groom them to be ready to join a school. They work on English reader book and workbook, number and science book. Kinder Castle has Fun and Groove time, Outdoor garden time, Music and Rhythm time and Nutritious and yummy snack-time for preschool kids. The institution has carefully crafted activity oriented curriculum which helps in multidimensional development of the child, thus making it Best Kindergartens in Ulsoor Bangalore.