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Pre - School

Playgroup – for age 1 year 10 months & above Nursery – for age 2 year 8 months & above
LKG – for age 3 year 8 months & above
UKG – for age 4 year 8 months & above
We have affectionate moderators who engage the kids in the programs. They also provide stimulus for lot of activities. The kids also get to enjoy themselves through outdoor games, some splash pool activities, Audio-visual activities, Computer time and other activities that the preschool children get to enjoy. We have a structured schedule involving :
• Physical activity
• Quiet time
• Group activities
• Individual play centers
• Fun & Groove time
• Outdoor garden time
• Linguistic development
• Music & Rhythm time
• Nutritious & yummy snack-time
• Moderated television and video time
• Regular & effective communication with parents
• Trained, dedicated, and professional staff
• Counselor’s perspective on sleep, health, discipline, feeding and other care issues will be shared
• Child to staff ratio – As per international standards
• Trained staff – Aware of importance of personal hygiene & follow appropriate procedures.
• Flexible working hours
• Structured process-oriented approach

Daycare (9:00 am to 6:30 pm)

Working parents need all the support they can in raising their kids. Kinder Castle offers Day Care services at all of its centers to help parents fill in the after-school hours of their kids with constructive activities. We assure safe and secure place. We’ve created our Day Cares keeping just this in mind. Our Day Care comes with the most modern facilities that give the highest level of comfort for the kid. From the bed to the refreshment, every arrangement has been made to make the kids feel at home. We follow the highest standards of hygiene. Day care has the following activities:
• Snack time
• Nap time
• TV time
• Play time
• Story time
• Activity time

Activity Hub

The Activity Hub will cater to many after-school weekdays/week-ends/vacation time/summer time activities for children in a spectrum of interesting activities. These may range from dramatics, robotics, dance, drawing, vedic math, handwriting improvement and so on. These will certainly be a great value-add for the children. ‘Sun N Splash’ Summer camp at Kinder Castle has been one of the most sought after programs. We also propose to introduce other camps such as ‘Winter Camp’, ‘Dusshera Camp’, Parent workshops, etc.