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Nursery Schools in Indiranagar Bangalore
Top Nursery Schools in Indiranagar Bangalore
Best Nursery Schools in Indiranagar Bangalore

Best Nursery Schools in Indiranagar Bangalore

Kinder Castle is one of the Top Nursery Schools in Indiranagar Bangalore. Nursery program focuses on all round development of a child. The curriculum includes language learning, writing and communicating. We encourage children to express themselves through different art forms like dance, music, art. We teach problem solving skills and cognitive development.

Kinder Castle nursery daily routine includes Arrival Activity, Circle time, Concept Introduction Learning includes Language, Math, Art, and Role play, Block, Discovery, Story Time, Music and Puppet Show, Creative Art, Outdoor.

Nursery program is an extension of pre-school program and is designed to give children a strong foundation in the skills and academic excellence that will be needed to enter regular school. Our nursery program helps develop physical, personal, social, emotional skills, literature and language skills, logical-mathematical skills, creative and expressive skills and knowledge and understanding of the world. Our curriculum's approach allows each child to explore reading, math, science, music and games.

Kinder Castle is one of the Best Nursery Schools in Indiranagar Bangalore to meet basic methods of learning. We create learning environments that offers children both physical and mental space to grow, explore, discover, and reflect. We have beautifully designed spaces where children work and learn to interact and work with others as they explore concepts of learning with confidence and ease. Our teachers impart knowledge, values and virtues, as per their vision to take the school to great heights. The institution believes in multidimensional development of the child i.e. mental, physical and overall development in personality.

Kinder Castle has excellent infrastructural facilities with spacious classrooms, outdoor and indoor play area and equipments with clean and spacious place where children play under the supervision of respective class teachers. Outdoor games help them breathe in fresh air while at play. The school has splash pool and clean toilets