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Best Play Homes in Indiranagar Bangalore
Top Play Homes in Indiranagar Bangalore
Play Homes in Indiranagar Bangalore

Best Play Homes in Indiranagar Bangalore

Kinder Castle is one of the Top Play Homes in Indiranagar Bangalore. Play homes play a crucial role in laying a solid foundation for child’s formal learning process. Many play homes offer engaging, interesting and stress-free experience which helps in shaping child’s mental, social, creative, physical, sensory and cognitive skills. Many parents are positive about enrolling a child into pre-schooling

Kinder Castle follows inquisitive and explorative teaching methodology such as language, numeracy, science, personal and physical and arts with teacher-student ratio of 1:10. We have qualified teachers and trained staff. We have Indoor and outdoor play area and pool. Kinder Castle has trained, dedicated teachers and staff who are aware of importance of personal hygiene and follow structured process-oriented approach to help kids in play home

Kinder Castle is one of the Best Play Homes in Indiranagar Bangalore. We provide a safe and secure environment that stimulates and challenges a child. We offer an intensive curriculum which helps young learners develop into confident students. Teaching staff focus on each child’s personal development. A curriculum emphasizes on teacher-directed, independent, small group learning activities and experiences.

Kinder Castle has secure classrooms and surrounding areas to keep your children under constant check. We follow strict sanitary, hand-washing and health policies. We arrange Fitness and nutrition programs to develop a lifetime of healthy habits.

Kinder Castle has very affectionate teachers who engage the kids in different activities during the school hours. The children can enjoy through outdoor games, some splash pool activities, Audio-visual activities and other activities that the play home children get to enjoy. They also provide stimulus for lot of activities the play home schedule involves Physical activities, Group activities, Individual play center activities etc. which kids enjoy the most.