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Top Preschools in Shanthinagar Bangalore
Best Preschools in Shanthinagar Bangalore
Preschools in Shanthinagar Bangalore

Best Preschools in Shanthinagar Bangalore

Kinder Castle is one of the Top Preschools in Shanthinagar Bangalore. We started it with the desire to nurture the child and lay a healthy foundation for a learned society. We believe there is nothing more important for a child than to have a positive self image. Once a child feels secure in their environment, learning becomes a natural process. Within our program children enjoy the natural atmosphere of independence, friendship, cultural values, respect, happiness and caring. Children need a place where they feel safe, secure and loved.

Kinder Castle is one of the Best Preschools in Shanthinagar Bangalore. We have very affectionate teachers who engage the kids in different activities during the school hours. They also provide stimulus for lot of activities the pre-school schedule involves Physical activities, Group activities, Individual play center activities etc. Preschool curriculum ensures the strongest foundation for future learning within a safe environment where every child can feel valued, confident and independent. Children have the freedom to choose from writing centers, reading and math centers, dramatic play, block areas, art activities and other activities.

Kinder Castle has rich classroom environment which focuses on literacy skills and well known children's books for exciting activities. The outdoors is an extension of the indoors in learning. Lessons are designed based on learning objectives and carefully developed monthly themes.

Kinder Castle also introduces children to computers as a fun medium for learning. Long term projects are steadily integrated into the curriculum. We provide an academically rich and appropriate environment to stimulate and enhance growth. We have rich vocabulary building exercises and improvement of speech clarity, train children to decode words and help them to attempt reading and develop interest in books.