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Top Preschools in Ulsoor Bangalore
Best Preschools in Ulsoor Bangalore
Preschools in Ulsoor Bangalore

Best Preschools in Ulsoor Bangalore

Kinder Castle is one of the Top Preschools in Ulsoor Bangalore. Enter the wonder kids of preschool where our teachers escort them to the colorful, musical and playful world. We believe in making a toddler into confidant, well cultured, disciplined kids. The institution believes in multidimensional development of the child i.e. mental, physical and overall development in personality. Our teachers impart knowledge and values to take the school to great heights. We follow child to staff ratio as per international standards.

Kinder Castle provides an innovative style of school where the partnership between family and school provides new image of the child. The preschool is a place of culture where child’s identity can be discovered. Kinder Castle has trained, dedicated, and professional staff that are aware of importance of personal hygiene and follow structured process-oriented approach to teach preschool children.

Kinder Castle has excellent infrastructural facilities with spacious and well-lit classrooms, outdoor and indoor play area and equipments, splash pool, Hygienic nap-time facilities, Child-safe and clean toilets and well researched, scientific and activity oriented curriculum. We have Fun and Groove time, Outdoor garden time, Music and Rhythm time and Nutritious and yummy snack-time for preschool kids.

Kinder Castle is one of the Best Preschools in Ulsoor Bangalore. We provide a safe and secure environment for children. We offer an intensive curriculum which helps kids to develop into confident students. Teaching staff focus on each child’s personal development. A curriculum emphasizes on teacher-directed, independent, small group learning activities and experiences.

Kinder Castle has secure classrooms and surrounding areas to keep your children under constant check. We follow strict sanitary, hand-washing and health policies. We arrange Fitness and nutrition programs to develop a lifetime of healthy habits.