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Top Kindergartens in Shanthinagar Bangalore
Kindergartens in Shanthinagar Bangalore
Kindergartens in Shanthinagar

Top Kindergartens in Shanthinagar Bangalore

Kinder Castle is one of the Top Kindergartens in Shanthinagar Bangalore. This program is an integrated curriculum where all learning is paced and linked to next grade. The child between the ages three and six is growing at an unimaginable pace in all areas of development including physical, social, emotional etc. The Curriculum aims to capture this period of childhood to give right amount of stimulation in all areas of development. The curriculum ensures that the daily routine has activities which encompass all domains and most importantly, the teacher is aware of the objectives of that activity.

Kinder Castle has excellent infrastructural facilities with spacious and well-lit classrooms and provides outdoor and indoor play area and equipments with clean and spacious place where children play under the supervision of respective class teachers. The institution has carefully crafted activity oriented curriculum which helps in multidimensional development of the child. During the program, we begin with a reading plan which uses techniques to help children read faster and fluently. Concepts of time and number systems are gradually introduced through math’s lab activities.

Kinder Castle has Fun and Groove time, Outdoor garden time, Music and Rhythm time and Nutritious and yummy snack-time for preschool kids. The school has splash pool, Hygienic nap-time facilities, Child-safe and clean toilets and well researched, scientific Slides, See-Saw and other Outdoor games help them breathe in fresh air while at play. We make children use language and literacy to make meaning from their interactions with teachers as well as to convey meaning by expressing their needs, feelings, ideas and experiences through spoken and written forms. These sessions allow the children to just observe and question. Thus it makes Kinder Castle Top Kindergartens in Shanthinagar Bangalore.